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DCS Open Beta RC1 Change Log
DCS World
Rockets has an abnormal affect by wind is fixed.
Su-25T. Digital drums on baro altimeter will works.
Su-25T. Pipper will displayed on the HUD when select mode Free-Fall Bombing in the "Invisible zone" and minor adjustments to HUD.
Su-25T. Tuned mirrors.
GUI Error, when you try to Record video is fixed.
Trash bin icon removed for TF-51D in MM.

DCS Flaming Cliffs 3
A-10A: Bombs fall with undershoot in CCRP mode is fixed.
Su-33. Mirrors will have an image reflection.

F-15C: DCS Flaming Cliffs
The PTC work is changed.
Sustained load factors corrected.
Speed brake automatic retraction by AoA corrected.
The accounted radius of wheels and traction corrected.
Added damage of engines.
Added disengage of PTC when gear extension.
Check ARI on the ground.
Cockpit update.
Navigation lights reflections swapped.
Changes to HUD AoA display.

Cargo camera can be enabled after cargo hooking.
Cargo rope disappear Bounding box edited.
Helicopter will not destroy tank after colliding with it.
“Beta” label removed in the Main menu for UH-1H.

External electric power supply bugfix.
ARK-9 fine tuning knobs will works.
Blade of main rotor gone off when runway start from a ship is fixed.

DCS Combined Arms
New Main Menu theme.
Flyable AC can detect laser ranger emission produced by controllable ground units.
Minimum attack distance for ATGMs has been fixed.
BTR-RD. 9M113 missile model reference corrected.
Corrected infantry descent on helicopters.
More News to the front.....

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