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Originally Posted by Skybird View Post
Maybe you want to work on your aiming precision. The BMP can be stopped and killed from front right now. You only need to learn where to aim.
Yes, you cannot aim at ridiculous BMP's "panzer-engine" which is inflammable after hit! On the opposite this engine transforms majority of BMP frontal armor into equivalent of tank frontal armor. Do you ever hear about engine as part of frontal armor plate thickness calculations??? Moreover BMP fuel tanks also seems to be immune to enemy fire. That's essence of "reality for civilians" found in SBPro PE toy.

Originally Posted by Skybird View Post
When you call THAT realistic, then this explains most of the nonsense you are blasting away.
Of course, because in "realistic" SBPro PE toy even hundreds of anti-armor DU rounds are not enough to kill BMP. I am sure you won't find anything like that in "Steel Armor: Blaze of War" - now premiere tank simulation software featuring modern tank warfare at tactical level!

Originally Posted by Skybird View Post
And check an IT expert to explain to you the difference between a patch and an upgrade.
Obviously 30 bucks worth "upgrades" you will be charged after buying SBPro PE toy for 125 bucks are OK, because each "upgrade" costs you exactly the same amount of money as brand-new and stunning "Steel Armor: Blaze of War" - new benchmark of tank simulation software.

You know - that's "an upgrade", not a patch! So don't hesitate any longer and buy "an upgrade" at once! Later wait for...FREE patches bug-fixing your "upgrade".
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