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I see you like my signature (Torpedo Los baby)

Its actually from a story I once created on the SHIII boards. "Fritz Von Titz" is the main man in my stories and he is the opposite of "Johan Sabastian Balz" of Brag fame....I am sure you are familiar?

If not Look up Fritz von Titz in the SHIII forum for a good laugh as I love to make people smile

Anyways I will visit message boards far and wide and link them here because I honestly want you to succeed in your endeavors.

God Speed my friend!

May this shambles of a Sim be resurrected into what it was meant to be!
(Sample lyrics from Fritz von Titz hit album u-boat musik to make love to):rock:
Torpedo Los baby, Topedo Los! You've sunk my heart baby, Danke schone you sea vixen! You make me have to dive deep darling, C.O. rig for silent loving.)
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