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Originally Posted by Freiwillige View Post
Okay you have me drooling!

So now I have questions....Think of it as an interview.

Did you have prior modeling experience or was this a crash course?

Do you have an expected completion date on your project?

Do you also plan on modeling other parts of the conflict such as the Kurland\Courland Pocket?

Do you have plans to model western tanks as well As some specialized German tank destroyers such as the Hetzer, Jagd panther etc?

If this sells well enough how far do you plan on taking this? Or What is your ideal long term goal?

Are you looking to find a publisher?

Can I have more pictures please!? Ehemmm Panther

Thanks Again for your Vision.
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Drooling? That's great man! As for "crash course?" no such thing. I started in 97 with
my first seat of 3d Studio MAX then in 2000 I bought my first seat of Maya.

Expected date? Maybe something as soon as a month from now.

Planed conflicts for this phase of operation is July 1943, starting at Kursk and
covering the fierce and grueling, knock down drag out retreat to the Dneper River.
The battles unknown but to the most interested WWII students of the Eastern Front.

The models will be those generic in historical context. I have already the Panther tanks Ausf. D, A and will be working to get them completed after I finish my Panzer III Ausf. J and Sturm Haubitz 42. The Red Army vehicles I want finished prior to Panther completionare the SU-122 1943 and the Katusha on the U6 Studebaker. Then in parallel with my Panthers
I will be developing horse drawn equipment (preliminary work looks promising) as well as artillery tractors pulling artillery pieces.
Structures will be a constant need. The data gained over the first half of 09 convinced me that ordering vehicles over bridges is possible and definitely player tanks can. Obstacles and trench systems are a must, as too
are gun positions and bunkers, all in the works.

As for my plans (if this takes off) long term, is putting together a company dedicated to WWII tankers. Taking this as far as it possibly can go with programmers artists and modelers etc..
And expanding in the direction of a platform where we can take advantage of the new innovations out there.

Publisher? we'll see.


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