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Originally Posted by tHeBaLrOgRoCkS View Post
Hello again,

I see you have the Nebelwerfer working and was wondering if you have managed to make them fire rockets on a parabolic trajectory or not?

By default the game doesn't even use them properly and I have got them working but only, so far, on a line of sight basis (eg they fire if they have a straight line of sight to the target)

Did you have to completely re-write the scripts to get them to fire at longer range targets that are not actually in sight or have you used a scripted zone and timed explosions to simulate their attacks?

Obviously that would extend to your Katushka rocket launchers also and I see you have modeled their ammunition.

The other thing is that when the Nebelwerfer fires there is no built in animation to show this (The grey bits at the back of the cylinder should dissappear when they fire ) I guess you are planning to add this ?


This work on the Nebelwerfer was a result of experimentation with the
katusha system in mind. I was kinda suppressed to see the excellent
model go to waste so I got it working to the point of satisfaction in gathering data. But, the ammo reloads every 90sec. after firing six HE
rounds. It fires using radar at targets you can not see for a historical
range of five miles (8km).


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