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The Helmsman Sea Trials (OPTIONAL)


1. Prompt and correct use of the EoT (Engine Order Telegraph) including the following:
a. When to use SHIFT and when not to use SHIFT.
b. Correct understanding and usage of Both Engines 10 slower.
c. Correct procedures on the dive for switching to Electrics.
d. Correct procedures for switching to Diesels on surfacing.

2. Knowing when, and how to read the battery meter and provide audible updates to the commander. I.e. Whole numbers until 5.0 then every 0.5 until 3, at which point battery management and EoT settings are critical.

3. Be able to maintain an accurate course despite surface wave interruption.

4. Correct “call and response” for all course changes.


1. Knowledge of what speed settings will produce what speeds given ballast, or electric / diesel engines.

2. Ability to hold a steady course with one engine set to Stop.


1. Understanding of using asymmetric thrust and ensuring forward thrust equals reverse thrust. E.g. ‘Full Reverse is actually Great Ahead’.

2. Performance of an “emergency turn” using opposing thrust with both shafts.
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