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The Radio/Sound Operator Sea Trials (OPTIONAL)


1. Able to differentiate between a warship and a merchant by sound alone.

2. Able to ascertain bearing to a target, and the course required to steer to that target.

3. Able to ascertain relative direction of motion of a target - whether it is stationary, moving away / closer, or its change of bearing and in what direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise).

4. Alert the commander of a new message in an appropriate manner.

5. Understand the difference to ‘Pings in the water’ vs ‘We are being pinged’.

6. Able to use the Hydrophone controls sufficiently to be able to still track warships that are pinging without physical pain or discomfort.


1. Able to pass an accurate position report to another wolfpack member.

It must be in the correct format:

[to - boat id] [from ownship id] POSRPT [map reference e.g. AN4952] BL [Angle from bottom left corner of grid] BR [Angle from bottom right corner of grid] CSE [current course in 3 digits] SPD [current speed expressed as 7PT4 for 7.4kts] AT [time the measurement was taken] in game clock / 24hr time.
E.g. U552 U307 POSRPT AN4952 BL 034 BR 289 CSE 075 SPD 17PT8 AT 230742 END

2. Able to communicate a position report from another wolfpack member to the Navigator in such a way as to enable the Navigator to plot it easily. You will receive one exactly like you send one, so you need to read out each part to the Navigator, as they need it, allowing them to plot it, piece by piece.

3. Reply using standard radio communications language for receipt of messages, requesting of messages, or that an error was sent and to expect a new message.

E.g. MSG RCVD (message received), REQ POSRPT (request position report), DISREGARD LAST STBY NEW MSG (Disregard last message and standby for new message.) Note. All messages should have the correct prefix of [who you are talking to] [who you are] before the message content. E.g CQCQ U307 REQ POSRPT (Attention all boats in wolfpack, this is U-307, we request all boats to give their position reports.) or U552 U307 MSG RCVD (to U552, this is U307, message received and understood).

Post-fix your messages with OVER if you expect a reply or END if you do not.

4. Able to note down (preferably on real paper out of game) the commander’s messages to other boats / BdU, and then afterwards transmit them accurately.

5. Be able to send messages with no more than 1 spelling or layout mistake for the entire checkride, unless immediately spotted and corrected.
Track a depth charge attack and count splashes.


1. Understand and use the Enigma and Radio settings.
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