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Default No Gyro Angle shots from any AOB

A few years ago when Hurricane Harvey was dumping millions of gallons of water on my roof I spent the inside time doing a couple of videos explaining how the basic firing angle is a simple trigonometry problem revolving around the ratio of the target speed to the torpedo speed.

The TDC in SH4 was not the easiest thing to get to work correctly so I rarely used it and developed this method (actually stole it directly from the guys who did all this for real). A "discussion" with another member who disagreed with this method prompted the videos

I have only fired three torpedoes in Wolfpack but I can see the theory behind this and learning the rules of thumb and having the prepared tables or calculator ready will make an excellent backup method for a quick shot or to confirm TDC setup.

Of course, one has to know torpedo speed as well as target speed or none of this works.

The original thread where I got my motivation to develop the two videos.

I am very excited about Wolfpack because I love the math behind plotting and executing an attack.

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