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Hi Tycho,

thanks for the feedback. In my private version I also removed the access to the log via the 3d interior. However, in order to avoid compatibility issues with different mods, I did not include any interior files in the mod.

Thanks for the comment about =. How did you find this out? Was there any reason to include =? I guess there are a few characters that can cause problems, e.g., \ / .... You can test this by editing the save-game files directly.

Thanks also for the tip with the navigation officer. Unfortunately, removing him from his station is also annoying. How do you give course and speed commands without him? I use the "Following plotted course!" command quite frequently so in many cases it properly 'hides' the sinking. However, not in all situations Well, it's not a perfect solution, but the best I can think of.

After reading some more historical accounts, my feeling is that the current 'BDU' is quite strict. What are your experiences? Should the 'BDU' be more tolerant concerning over-claiming?

Cheers, LGN1
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