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Originally Posted by Eastwa View Post
Just downloaded this log editor, very cool.

Got it to work correctly after a few goes I was stuffing up the times in the log and I couldn't get the SH3 commander file to update my personal file but its all good now.

Just one think I am running with merchant fleet mod and there are some ships like the M30B and M40B which are not in the drop down box but when I look in the stock GWX game they are in there to so I just use the medium merchant instead, am I missing something here, how do I get those ships in the drop down box ?

In the instructions it says to copy your EnglishNames.cfg file from your data/Sea folder and paste it in the same folder as the Log .exe. That way the log will read it and all your in-game ships will be in the log.

However, this is not always so. I hope LGN1 realized this. But not all ships are placed in the EnglishNames file, especially if the ship was added individually and the modder forgot to add it in the englishNames.cfg file, or cared not to do so, like some modders have done over the years. So that method that his .exe uses isn't full proof. A better way would have been searching all the ship .cfg files in the Sea folder and grabbing all the class IDs that way, then extending the list from the EnglishNames.cfg file ships and the ones that are not included in that list, that show the ship class instead of the alternate name. Therefore, he would have all ship title possibilities used in the ship sunk patrol log.

But I did not code it, LGN1 did. So it may be better to ask him. Perhaps v0.6 is to be expected.
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