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26 August 1942
Tavoy apparently reinforced amphibiously--offensive operations in Thailand are now untenable; US amphibious operations begin in CENTPAC; massive IJA army losses

Bay of Bengal
A pair of motor launches patrolling near Calcutta spotted any enemy sub and were deadly accurate with their depth charges, connecting solidly with four patterns. The damage forced the sub to surface, which was a bit scary because these two boats didn't have a gun bigger than 40mm. Fortunately the sub foundered before any gunfire was exchanged.

I have invaded Canton Island with the 9th USMC Regiment, plus an artillery unit. Enemy troop levels are higher than expected and fortifications are at level 3, which is also a problem. But we managed to take a beachhead thanks to aggressive bombardment by the Warspite and Colorado plus 3 cruisers. I'm moving some B-24s from Hawaii to Pago to support this, I might also grab another regiment from Pago--but, such a 2nd wave wouldn't be a surprise anymore and the KB might already be on its way. We'll see.

We hit Johnston tomorrow.

Sulu Sea
On the Philippine end of the Borneo-Philippine shallow water route, an enemy LSD came under attack by a US sub and a Dutch sub. The Porpoise bounced a dud Mk14 off its hull, then the O21 connected with 2 torps that detonated just fine and sank the ship.

Our reserve army has closed the trap around the enemy end-around force. He figured out what was happening and started bombing these guys instead of my troops at Chengchow and caused some casualties, but it looks like too little too late. We attack tomorrow.

The enemy attacked Chengchow in force, knocking our forts down from level 4 to level 3, casualties 16000 to 7100 favoring us.

The air campaign continues to tip towards them as we're both sending bombers to Tavoy, but his fighters are getting to my bombers while mine aren't getting to his. Today's losses were 2 Zeroes, 2 Oscars, 2 Hurricanes, a Hudson and a Blenheim.

But the biggest news here his just that the number of enemy troops at Tavoy being reported by recon has ballooned to over 20,000--so that's why we've been seeing carrier aircraft there for the last 2 days, they landed reinforcements by sea (including the 65th Brigade). The enemy force coming out of Bangkok has similar numbers. I can't beat either force with my current numbers--and with Rangoon effectively blockaded, these numbers are all I'm going to have. So, this frontline looks like a stalemate, or even a potential opportunity for the enemy to start advancing again. We're not going to take Bangkok and relieve Malaya, not for a long time.

The situation in Singapore is dire. There aren't any enemy troops there at the moment, but the only supplies coming in are from a few cargo planes and bombers from Palembang (and those sorties are getting less every day as those planes are destroyed by the bombing campaign there) and the transport submarine USS Argonaut. There is a small resource base supplying local factories, but the rate of production is well below what it takes to sustain the troops there. I had been looking to break out and seize enemy resources, but Johore Bahru was reinforced before that operation began, so I cancelled it, and with troop supply levels dropping off, it's now too late.

All I can think to do now is keep their troops occupied in Thailand, at least while they're there, they're not finishing off Singapore or Palembang.

Java Sea
The KXI attacked a troop convoy, scoring two hits on a cargo ship for a confirmed kill and evading enemy counter-attack.

Palembang endured another shock attack, casualties 6500 to 850 favoring us. Our troop levels are about equal and we have major defensive bonuses--the attack didn't come close to succeeding, I don't understand why he's doing this.

CVE Copahee arrives at Tacoma (including a Wildcat and a Dauntless squadron, designated replenishment units but I'll probably use them for training so the ship can provide air cover to amphibious ops)
AMC Worcestershire arrives at Cape Town
225th Field Artillery Battalion arrives at Pearl Harbor (full strength, unrestricted)
RAF 225 Group Base Force arrives at Aden
104th Infantry Division arrives at Corvallis (fully restricted, these guys will never see combat unless CONUS is invaded)

Wasp has delivered VS-5 and its own Avenger squadron to Pearl (the Wasp has lower aircraft capacity than most carriers and can't actually carry all four of its own squadrons at full strength--although I could probably reduce the squadron sizes and make them all fit, I'm also trying to KB-proof Pearl, so having torpedo bombers there doesn't hurt). I'm also transitioning one of the USMC Dauntless squadrons to Avengers since I have a lot more Avengers than Dauntlesses right now. Wasp is going to pick up its other Dauntless squadron, get some maintenance, and will start acting like a carrier instead of a ferry after that.
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