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16 August 1942
Enemy bombardment task force shot up by Palembang's aircraft

Our bombardment task force ran into an enemy sub on the way in and damaged it with depth charges. Then we ran into a pair of mine tenders--replacements for the ones blown up by the B-17s--they were easy prey. We shelled Guadalcanal after that, but the ships were were going after had already left. We shot up the airbase pretty good, though.

An enemy bombardment task force of 2 CL and 2 DD made its way up the channel between the mainland and the island off Palembang, running into the KXIII. The destroyers spotted it and depth charged it before it could attack, but, I may have received the benefit of delaying this task force. Usually these bombardment task forces hit me before sunrise--not this time.

We attacked the enemy in waves just outside Palembang's port. The first was a group of Fulmars making a low-level attack, which ended up being ineffective. They were being chased by 3 Zeroes, which may have affected their accuracy. Next came 12 Albacores, escorted by 15 Mohawks. The Mohawks kept the lone Zero still covering the ships at bay, but the small and manueverable ships were mostly up to the task of defending themselves. We got one hit on the CL Naka. 6 Beaufighters came in next, hitting the CL Isuzu with a pair of 250lb bombs and starting a fire. The Fulmars made a second attempt in the afternoon--one was shot down by a Zero, but they got a 250lb bomb hit on the torpedo-damaged CL Naka. The Albacores returned next and whiffed, but they reported that both cruisers were burning and the Naka appeared to be heavily damaged. And finally, the Beaufighters returned, strafing one of the destroyers with 20mm cannons.

The enemy is hitting Palembang with bombers hard--probably about 90 bomber sorties. Damage on the ground is accumulating and our fighter squadrons are wearing down. We got 1 Oscar at the cost of a P-40 and a Hurricane.

I'm resting my Tavoy troops and bombers during stormy weather. When it breaks I'm going to hit them again. I also have a reserve brigade on the way down to reinforce my Tavoy army. At Pisanuloke we traded a Mohawk for a Zero

The enemy is hitting Port Blair with massive amounts of naval bombers--at least 60. I think they intend to invade--if they succeed, it's going to make landing reinforcements at Rangoon difficult. I've recalled the Brit CVBG from the southern Indian Ocean--it might be available in time to stop this.

The air war over Chengchow is picking up again, 43 Zeroes swept it. We shot down 4, losing 3 P-40s.

Suddenly the submarine threat is diminishing. If I remember correctly, there were only 4 subs detected and all reported heading west.

BB Washington arrives at Balboa
SS Kingfish arrives at Eastern USA
18th FG/333rd FS arrives at Pearl Harbor (2/25 P-39)
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