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radar Progress ---->

CWA Version (1.a) is at 85%

ive been Kindly Offered Help with testing elements of it so should be all good on release

im doing new Install methods too for optional mods and as this mod changes Loads

will seek Authorization to host a DotMod Link of the Version I use Before Release for a GitHub Link

as the DM Bleeding Edge Changes Fast
this is excellent from a Game Development & Improvement Standpoint not tho from a Modding stand point

as any changes even small will break my work .... so if they ok this ill Do CWA Version,s Now and again Using Different DM versions & My Own Developments

So a Github link to the Version used but its Static and dose not change then Most likely My CWA Mod on SUBSIM ect ..... This way we can both Help Each-other With Advancements Game Wise and Accelerate Game Progress

Steel Shark
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