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gear While IM at it

When i get Round to changing the weapons file text

i,ve decided to change it to my CWA statistic's version

in short when i made my weapons in CWA i spent time researching all weapon's in depth from as many sources as possible for better coloration so :

Warhead Size

Max Range
Min Range

did it have a passive run speed / Active Run speed

OFC noise values & better sounds per weapon

Max depth / Max Launch Depth


"ill Include my CWA statistic's to make this as accurate as possible their ALSO their will be no bias towards any side if something is rubbish it will be if its good it will be"

Some of the weapons in DotMod did not exist in my CWA Mod and vise versa so ill have to add any missing Weapons' as i go

this should add even more Realism & Challenge to my Mod depending what you using Weapons wise as you will have to adapt if you have the inferior weapons

"So this wont be for the Faint Of Heart"

ill make this a optional file maybe for causal player that don't want it for more game Configurations Choices

ill add my own sensor's much later,s as i need to finish existing works that are in progress before i take anything else on modding wise

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