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bullhorn CWA ~ Reborn

Cold Waters Advanced is now Reborn

ive done this for a few reasons but mainly its to make it more different from the other DotMod addons Name wise for ease of Identification of it

originally this was my Standalone project but im now reusing parts of this for my Dotmod Add-On Mod

when i was Originally Designing CWA i looked at the Main different engine types on underwater weapons ect :







this is to add improved & rebalanced Sound values to each weapon and remove the generic sound values & average ones

so i made a very large chart of weapons statistics to keep a Balance for Realisms sake

then i came up with a fair way to add or remove sound values for each type of weapon

then i added + or - values To noise values that were applied to each torpedo for its Passive / Active States

these were based on speed settings / torpedo age / type / Nationality

even taking in to consideration propeller types & number of propellers

i also made Individual Sounds for all water weapons so :



ISO_torpedo_combustion_engine -- ISO means its got a Isolated engine from the case of the weapon to make it quieter





this work will now be included in to CWA Versions for DotMod

Progress ----->

I've found my CWA Weapon noise charts & will start modification of weapons Text when i can

and Will make Version 2 of my individual Weapon noises

These 2 changes.

As well as the substantial. Existing Changes for CWA Version 0.2a
Should make quite significant Changes To DotMod Game play Experience

My MSO mod (Meaningful Signatures Mod ) Will also be present I've also made the 2004 addon New Signatures also so that won't be a issue

you will also have the option to hide enemy sensor values for added Difficulty

I've Also Designed a New installation method also For easy install and uninstallation of Optional files. ....and Mod Installation & Removal

This Thread Will Now Become were i Post DotMod Stuff so its not all over the place and make for easier following with what im up to.

other place to keep up or talk to me Directly is the DotMod server Of Course

Stay Safe and watch your Backs out their ALL

Steel Shark
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