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Thanks Les I know what you mean about DLCs especially on mobile platforms and now even worse.. subscription based gaming. I'd be surprised if they do that here though its not really the kind of game that would lend itself to that like Car Mechanic Simulator etc do.

The devs have announced that if this first game is successful they will release a Pacific follow up with AA and anti surface warfare but I think that's something most of us would want as its not just a small DLC item but a substantive piece of work that would take things to a whole new level. As long as they don't start charging by the depth charge etc as they do on certain mobile games .

In terms of other possibilities I did notice that there is now a separate VR version of UBoat being developed so I suppose that could be a further possibility in the case of Destroyer.

Remember Playway is only the publisher / investor on this game, it was conceived and is being developed by IronWolf Studio who also created the fantastic board game adaptation of UBoat.

Playway did cause a headache for the developers saying the game demo was too complex and preventing its release during the Steam Next Festival and some demonised them for that, however given they usually produce much less cerebral stuff like Car Mechanic simulator etc it is quite a step up for them to take a chance on a full on sim like this and they are understandably cautious. Hopefully the massively positive reaction to the demo and the dev's commitment to adding tutorials and AI assistants etc (without dumbing the game down) has addressed their concerns. On the plus side they are still funding development on U-Boat, funding this game , funding Aircraft Carrier Survival, UBoat Mechanic and UBoat Commander what other publisher has 5 naval related titles currently under development? So we shouldn't be too hard on them.

Playway just need to take a 'leap of faith' on this one and I think they will find that a big percentage of Ubi's former SH customers will buy into it as its deep and detailed and the guys at IronWolf have obviously gone the extra mile here.
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