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Having been lucky enough to see this Mod (Thank you guys!) in development, all I can say is wow! The final effect is not so much a mod as a re-birth. The graphics are enhanced with awsome new skins and lighting effects while at the same time fps has been improved beyond what is believable, I saw at least a 3 fold increase over mmp5 at the same time as being able to max all my graphics settings. The tiger drives like, well a tiger (serious sources have been consulted) and the sounds are fantastic, you find yourself turning off your engine from time to time to listen for the tell tale crash of falling trees of your enemy ambushing you through the woods! There is so much work going into this, from game play and models to maps, it's a mega mod. Testing and development continues but I can see this having everyone trying to find that old copy of TvT again. It will in my humble opinion, make this game the definitive WWII mp tank sim.

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