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Originally Posted by Pisces View Post
If you decide to buy it on Steam, make sure to make up your mind before you play 2 hours in the game if the performance isn't sufficient. Then you can still request a refund (also within 2 weeks after purchase).

I don't know about the GPU part of this Intel chip. I certainly do not trust the detection app that this site you mentioned offered. (it offered an executable for download)

This link does suggest it is only for low end games.

Personally I have a laptop MSI GP70 2PE. with Nvidia 840m But it is old from the 2015 period. Not really comparable. With the first beta releases of .25 (the one they are working on now) I noticed a drop in framerates which made it on the verge of playable slideshow for me. Water wave detail did have the largest impact in the options. Maybe I need to give the later versions a try again. Could be the devs improved performance a bit since then. Again, not really usefull to you, unless you can find some benchmark way to compared yours to mine.
According to benchmark...

Nvdia 840m is 1326
Intel Iris Plus is 2716

So...maybe better
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