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Originally Posted by Stewy1 View Post
What did you think of the stoush with the Osa? Too easy? Just right?
I think its ok. With helo i could recognise this danger earlier. I thought it could be hostile ship after watching his speed and course changing. Most of civilians keep course and speed. This contact increased speed up to 23 kts.

Originally Posted by Stewy1 View Post
My missiles never hit his Styx missiles - so firing first was always a priority. One missile would kill either me, or the LNG carrier.
Missile attack is always damgerous. As you saw, one missile wasnk showed correctly and my CIWS started to scream :P

Originally Posted by Stewy1 View Post
I see you've got orders to strike the camp. But if you have no helos due to that bug, I don't know if you'll be able to see it from the shore. Naval gunfire will hit it, but you'll need to spot the rounds.
Hmm im afraid it will be too complicated for me without good helo spotter. Also transit will take about 6 hours so leaving LNG tanker for so long time (i predict 15 hours) isn't good idea.

Btw this scenario is very interesting but i would like to play it more compressed :P
Unfortunatelly bugs preventing me to act as i want to. Without helos i feels like without both arms. Maybe next time i will use only 1 helo? But i dont like to wait once more for so long time for "action".
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