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Originally Posted by Elphaba View Post
....So the question always has to be 'where's the fun? what's the challenge to overcome? what's the risk/reward cycle'? and how to turn those into gameplay dynamic mechanisms.

very easy to explain, i wonder if you cant see it (must be the smoke or ?)

- smoke could be layed from an DD on an outside ring position (outside security), depends on situation and weather maybe.

- uboats have to plan a new attack maybe partly without sight on the merchants, where are they going to ?
- while trying to find this, the uboat may come closer to the smoke screen and may got supprised as a huge bow wake slice through the smoke directly infront of it, relative close allready...

...changing sight conditions and this also just partly is a huge gameplay element, same for changing weather or an escort comming out of an rainfront for example.

i just wonder if it would be historical correct against Uboats in a convoy battle but think this is a good idea which have to be researched.

...this forum is good for ideas, an important element !

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