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The game isn't even 1/5th finished.

If you want to add an extra 40+ mins to your game just for variety, you could always just spook them yourself!

...'cause that's all the gameplay elements smoke would bring.

However, if you've seen their roadmap and Neals recent post, the first REAL mission is now being worked on, that will bring lots of challenges and lots of things to have to think about.

Also, this game isn't released. These amazing devs (only 2 of them + Neal) are doing miracles making this, but it's going to be slow going - gave dev is very, very hard. Wolfpack is in (very) early access... saying there's not much content is kinda stating the obvious... there's not much content - because they're still making it.

With the amazing work (and best sub game) they've done already, I can't wait to see what's coming, but if it ever feels like it's getting repetitive, I put it down for a week or two... this is a marathon, not a sprint. As sub sim fans, that should be a given lol.

tdlr... harbour missions next!!!! SO excited!!!

Do you play with others or do you just play solo? maybe some more variety would be playing with others or working as a Wolfpack until more content comes?

Have you looked at Wolfpack BdU? There’s lots there that will keep you from being bored! Take a look at the general / how to sections... we’ve got Cel Nav!

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