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Re Smoke Screens would only be used by the escorts they would place themselves between the Convoy and the approaching enemy surface Fleet or warship group to lay down a smoke screen to throw off the range finders of the enemys guns.
Enveloping the Convoy in a smoke screen would be a home goal each merchant has its own position within the Convoy Box so to speak it keeps that position by plotting its position in relation to the ships to port and starboard in front and astern if your surounded by thick black smoke how do you keep your position the bow of a 12k-15k large merchants going to slice your 2800ton tramp steamer in half for sure.

In the early stages of World War II the old pre World War One Coal tramp steamers spewing out thick black smoke could be seen 10-16 miles away
by other Uboats or 20-30 miles away by Long range German Fokkerwolf 290 search planes.

Convoy HG-45 sails from Gibraltar on 9 October 1940 arrives Liverpool 27th October chugging along at 5-6 knots thats the best speed the tramp steamers can manage and after 3-4 days your picked up by German Aircraft then every Uboat within 50-100 miles vectored into your northerly course with German aircraft constantly updating Onkel Karl Bdu
the Germans Called it the Happy Time the Atlantic Turkey Shoot .
this convoy made it to Liverpool with no losses but other Convoys were not as lucky autumn 1940 - spring 1941 the German Held all the aces.

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