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Originally Posted by Stormfly View Post
This is Wolfpack and convoys can be large, if the first sub attacked, the second or third sub may be frustraded.
...i would also like it for immersion reasons, depends on how it would look like.
ok, and I'm not arguing against it, I'm just failing to see the gameplay mechanic in this other than:

a) it might 'look cool'
b) it may be historical (although I doubt it was ever used much on regular convoys against uboats)

so if it's only a and b, then as a **gameplay mechanic**, it doesn't really lead anywhere...

e.g. if you're in the 2nd boat and the 1st boat scares the convoy (as has happened to me more than once) then all your measurements are blown and the 90+ mins you've spent getting a good solution is blown because the jack*** in the first boat gave away his position.

That 'sounds' fun and immersive, but when you've experienced it more than once, it's just boring and frustrating.

So the question always has to be 'where's the fun? what's the challenge to overcome? what's the risk/reward cycle'? and how to turn those into gameplay dynamic mechanisms.

I'm all for more challenge and depth; give us proper trim tanks and damage models, and RANDOM stuff happening, and broken systems on the boat we can repair using skill and not just a click or a 'wrench' tool etc... but there are players that just want to rack up 200k+ tonnage with one shot kills...

it's going to be hard to please both.

But as for the OP's suggestion, I'm all for giving the game more teeth and making things more challenging and requiring more brains than brawn, but would smoke really do that?
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