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Well if onkel Neal mentioned "playable destroyers" on his mail I guess it is because there are plans for this to happen. Long term plans, for sure, but I give it all credibility.

I have been here for long time and played most subsim sims available however I do not remeber more exciting times for the comunity than when we had SHII and Destroyer Command and we played really exciting battles with teams of human destroyers and submarines. It was our "happy Times season"
We even had tournaments and a lot of activities and flotillas participating in activities.
For me battles againts the IA are simply boring, after a few missions, you got it figured it out and it is no longer atractive. However in sims like SHII vs DC or in Dangerous Waters when you are fighting against smart and skilled humans you are in a different game.
I have no rush for this, I have been in dry dock for long and can wait but knowing that we may have playable destroyers here makes all the difference to me.
Like Neal said "Holy Grail of all u-boat sims--playable destroyers for massive player vs player convoy battles"
Cannot get better and it is worth the wait
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