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Thanks for the video, Chad, very helpful!

Quick tip for playing solo but leaving the door open for any other players to join your battle in their own U-boat.

Select the Worldwide option and then select New Lobby


Lobby settings "Visible to Everyone" and no password. This way other captains are able to see your battle and join...


Then choose your boat and take the Captain role, and enter a password here.
This will prevent any other player from joining you in your boat. Using the bots,
you will be able to fight your submarine like a pro.


If any captains decide to join your battle, they will do so in their own sub, and not
interfere with the operation of your sub. You will see a note when another player joins
your battle but you will only be able to communicate with him (or them if 3 guys join
your battle) through the u-boat radio interface, which gives the whole experience a
touch of mystery and intrigue. You're fighting the convoy, and there are other u-boats
in your wolfpack, giving the escorts fits. You may hear their torpedoes when they hit!


The good thing about this version of the game, if players join and leave, it really doesn't
have much of an effect on you.

Would you like to join my Wolfpack crew? Friend me on STEAM, my username is SUBSIM.
Good hunting and don't forget to close the hatch!

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