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Default Update to our Mod

Wolfpack BdU Variant Mod 1.2.2 by Captain Zoe E Summers and Stosstrup (M. Hamacher).

1. Reload times are now between 20 - 30min PER TUBE, sequentially.

2. Salvo shot launch times are now set to the historical figure of 2.3 secs between each shot.

3. Torpedoes can now be Duds, with historical figures for the correct month / year.

4. Torpedoes can now prematurely detonate, and it will be detectable by the AI for the correct month / year.

5. Torpedoes have a historically accurate chance of losing guidance after arming.

6. The TDC will not allow a torpedo to be fired if any of the main ballast vents are

7. Upon firing a torpedo, a positive buoyancy will be affected.

8. Torpedo Ranges are now historically accurate and will change for the correct month / year.

9. TDC correctly recognises Torpedo max range based on date. (Red 'No Solution' light)

10. Climb down from bridge onto player controlled ladder animation is significantly faster; this not only prevents people blocking the ladder but is further useful for getting down your test dive times.

11. The UZO now has a compass rose for relative bearings (at the top) and the guide wires illuminate with the night switch (Note: do not rely on the graticules for measurements as the scale isn't applicable for the UZO magnification level).

12. Holding Q shows the mod details and version number.

13. Attack periscope no longer has stabilisation.

14. Observation periscope no longer has stabilisation.

15. Realistic torpedo weight (in water) now removed from U-boat's mass when torpedo fired.

16. Binoculars can now be used inside the sub.

17. Added Wolfpack BdU and Version number to main menu.
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