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Originally Posted by zeus View Post
Can you have the option online playing each with one submarine ?. 4 submarines playing as silent hunter 3

each captain with his submarine.

each captain with his IA crew(BOTS)
At the current (pre-bots) version each one of 4 commanders can play as a one-man-crew in the confines of his own boat but still work together as a 4-boat wolfpack. But the entire gameplay is limited to the encounter with a single convoy or group of ships. So with bots it would seem to be equally capable. There is no seamless transition between different convoy encounters or movement to other seas/ocean regions like in the Silent Hunter games. You'd have to roleplay that by restarting the game with different encounter settings. You have to make up the boredom period yourself (get into a game and ignore the convoy for hours/days on end).
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