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Default Sneak Peek - Wolfpack BdU Campaign

Hi All,

Wanted to start a thread to gauge interest levels among current Wolfpack players regarding what I and a few others have been working diligently on these past months. As we all know, Wolfpack is a great simulation, probably the best we have in terms of U-boat systems. Because the game is in such an early stage of development, things such as duds, specific U-boat damage etc are not yet modeled. Our intention with this campaign is to model such things by way of a third-party tool to assist in generating realistic results.

What myself and a few others have been working out is a campaign of sorts, similar to SH3, where skippers and their crews plot a course on a shared map and admin, us, generates results for them as if they were on patrol, including aircraft, single ships, convoys, etc. They get a radio message from admin with Wolfpack settings and then use a shared spreadsheet in Google to fill in the details. Medals, promotions etc. are all there as well. Call it role-playing if you will.

Here is a taste of what we’ve got:

Plotting on Map:

Spreadsheet for Realistic Results:

This is intended to start a discussion and gauge interest in such a thing. We would run it on Subsim here.


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