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My two cents: Wolfpack is currently the most in-depth simulation, which I personally love. Compared to Silent Hunter 5 (+ Wolves of Steel), the simulation aspect is much improved, hard to go back to SH5 once you get familar with the mechanism in Wolfpack. On the other hand, I still jump back and forth between Wolfpack and SH5 for my subsim needs because SH5 offers the best all-around package with a campaign, more interesting and surprising random encounters and a still solid simulation (only talking about modded SH5 here).

U-Boat sounds interesting, but after playing it for a while I lost interest quickly. The simulation is poor, repeating almost identical encounters get boring and the game is overall still in a rough state. On the positive side, it offers some new fresh approach to the genre and is regulary updated by its developers. I think it might have a promising future, but right now I don't see it as a replacement for SH5. I don't really want to badmouth U-Boat here, I have a lot of respect for the small development team, but just offering my personal opinion on it, whatever that's worth.

In short, if you are interested in a simulation, Wolfpack is for you but U-Boat is probably not. I spent more money on worse games which I played for less time.
Solo is very possible, though can get a bit stressful occasionally. I personally never played it in multiplayer yet. My only complaint on Wolfpack Solo is the lack of a pause function and that you need to invest a few hours into one non-stop gaming session, no save & reload. Had to abort a few good runs because of interruptions. I am aware this is not the scope of the game.

Reading through all the historical information offered by the gents on this forum like Mr. Stoßtrupp brings playing Wolfpack to a new level and really improved my insight and interest in the whole U-Boot topic.
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