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Default Feature request: quick skirmish mode

First off, this is a great game. I love it. But for a co-op game, this is a glaring issue:

There is nothing worse than starting a lobby with a bunch of your mates and your boat starts 8-10 km behind a convoy that is leaving you while your friends start in a much more favorable position. Many of you here may well know that a submarine as part of a wolfpack would never do an end-around from this position and distance. Realistically it would take many hours, perhaps days, to form up a wolfpack for a successful attack.

I request a quick skirmish mode where it is guaranteed that all participating boats start at least abeam of the enemy track.

The real fun of the sim is shooting and coordinating attacks with some friends. It's a bummer to have to restart lobbies over and over so we can all start in a favorable, realistic position.

As an aside, starting behind them isn't an issue for me solo, but in co-op with more than one boat, it is very frustrating.

I know the game is in beta but I hope this issue is addressed at least at some point.
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