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The size scale is based on that of Wolfpack, which are in centi-radians. Which basically means a slope of 1 meter height, by 100 meter distance is used as the unit. It would depend on the mod which scale they follow. Better ask the creator of the mod if it is (mili-)radian based, or if it is sized in terms of degrees. The former is the most common way. Otherwise you would have to make reference calculations of ships in a friendly harbor with known mastheight or length at a known distance to a dock or something. Or true map positions with map-updates enabled.

I have an acrylic version of the attack disk (course solver) wheel with a wooden back plate. The laser printed side is on the top. So mine will not immediately wear off due to rotating. But the backside might reduce the contrast to the underground if wear develops. Unfortunately I am unable to say something about wear as I have not used it much because of lack of play time the past months. A velvet or some other soft cloth would seem to be a good idea if this develops. MY RAOBF is of MDF so can't relate to that either.
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