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Originally Posted by Pisces View Post
The video is no longer available.

The following is provided for historical reference. Not as a suggestion to buy it. Since it is a webshop/site for buying old maritime equipment. (IT IS NOT a suggestion to buy it)


You might want to translate the dutch text. But more importantly I find the view through the optics. Only a line is visible in the right occular! It also has a lever to switch between night and day observation. Not sure what that would do to the optics. Probably restricting the light coming through in daylight.
Should have corrected the post - I made another video the other night that supersedes this one now that we have 0.16. Will edit OP. My rangefinding is based on replicating the method the skippers used to gauge distance of hull-down ships. Since we don’t have that luxury in game (I.e. we don’t have an easy reference as to whether the mast tips grow or shrink). My method is a workaround allowing the use of real life plotting tactics. The UZO only had the line, but they simply adjusted course and speed to keep the masts the same height over the horizon and plotted based on that.

I want that UZO! I could plot firing solutions on my neighbors.

As for the night switch I seem to recall in the book Operation Drumbeat by Michael Gannon (about Hardegen and U-123) he mentions there was a feature to adjust the brightness of the bearing line. I wonder if that’s it. I really want that feature in Wolfpack along with the bearing ring around the base.

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