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Default The Attack Wheel

Just received the very nice Attack Wheel... Great job.

i am going to add backing to allow me to pick it up without the three wheels coming out of position. That is what I did in mine... that I can not find:<)

In mine... since the three rings were all of thick gloss white paper. or thicker material ........ the paper was cut around the outer edge of each ring... the paper within the ring was not cut away. Then All I did was place the rings in correct position on top of each other... and pin through center.... each ring was able to be moved independent of the others while being held upright..... the markings on the rings are printed on the high gloss thick paper....

In your design... the above needs to be modified to .... tomorrow I am going over the office supply and c if I can find the thick backing I will need....

Roland / CyStryker
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