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DCS: W 2.0.2 Update 1. Early Access Polychop Sa342 Gazelle
DCS World Update 1 changelog

The early access to DCS SA342 Gazelle beta by Polychop Simulation!

DCS World
Fixed crash on AI helicopters taxiing
MP. Fixed crash with reloading new mission on server
MP. Fixed a server crash caused by client connection during server exiting
GUI error when click restart a campaign fixed
Nellis and MaCaran ATCs will work

DCS Hawk T.1 by VEAO
Crash to desktop fixed
GTS start joystick and keyboard assignment fixed
Toe brake assignments to controller fixed
Radio crash to desktop fixed
Textures set to medium by default instead of high
Engine and cockpit sounds have been tweaked
Anti-skid on by default with warm start
Sidewinder seek tone fixed
VHF AM radios fixed
Stock missions updated for radios

Corrected mirror option
Ground personnel can hear pilot with opened blister
More News to the front.....

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