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Originally Posted by LcSummers View Post
As for the Königstiger, that will be done in 2011 both AI and Playable.
As with the Playable Panthers Ausf A and G.



WOW, great news. Great tanks, even a Jagdpanther.
Sorry, I heard its 2011 now, were is my Königstiger! The Henschel type please!!!!!

Tigers in the Ardennes. Panthers in the Ardennes ! Me in the Ardennes. This maybe in the future?

This was a great year for us tankers ZW but the next will be much better!!!!

I know this for real.

TANK s alot .

You solved my copy of TvT throwing it into the corner and now its one of my favorite games. Next weekend maybe a new update and a new try.

Greetings to everyone even to my old friends morty, frinik, chucky and sure you ZW!!!

Ran an den Feind ELÖRE elvtársak!!! i mean nyilasok


Hey LC!
Yes, 2011 is going to be a good year for us tankers.
Did you check out the Panzer II ?

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