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Default My Christmas present to you

To all Panzer Kameraden and Red Army Tankers,
My Christmas present to you will be two new mission one files to
replace the default ones. One for the Soviet Red Army and one for
the Deutsche Wehrmacht.
These two missions will be based on the new 11.184 x 11.184 mile maps
(mid-sized 18km box). All the bug fixes will be (hopefully) included
as well. Included also will be the Tiger, T3485 AI tank units and
the reload and repair ability for the Hanomag and Halftrack.
Up and working NebelWafer unit which will reload 6 high explosive
rounds every 90seconds will be added too as well as new ballistics
will be in this gift release.

Tiger1 Caliber and Sub-Caliber

T34-85 Caliber and Sub-Caliber

This small token of appreciation for you guys will (I hope)
enable you to get a taste of what is to fallow. This will
also enable me to establish a support base that will prepare
for the much larger release. I figure it's much wiser to start
small and work my way up.
I will take this opportunity to announce my intention of starting
a web site that will be dedicated to this on going project. Of course
I'll do this in stride as to not effect production adversely.

Motto: "Putting the Zee in SIEG!"

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