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I'm definitely onbaord with this! I loved Crash Dive so much, it was really a fun game. It was really polished and gave me a lot of pleasure while waiting for my gf to decide which shoes she couldn't live without.


Play the original Silent Hunter to sample the tone of the game. I always felt CD was an homage to Aces of the Deep, having CD2 bring back memories of SH1 would be awesome.

Have crew reports in the game. "Rrrright full rudder, aye sir!"

Have some small villages on the islands, small military outposts, and docks with moored vessels, buoys, mines, and nets.

Have harbor penetration missions and make navigation and reconnaissance a big factor. Trying to find Wewak among a dozen small islands would be a great mission in itself. USS Wahoo.

While on the topic of harbor intrusions, have some missions where the enemy is skirting the coast and you have to run dangerously shallow to close the range, re: USS Barb.

Sub vs sub missions

Warship encounters, like USS Cavalla.

Thermoclines and bathythermographs

Easter eggs!


A reel shocker:
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