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Originally Posted by Rufus Shinra View Post
The big issue is one of personnel availability, from my understanding of things. The Pentagon gets more and more ships to do more and more missions given by the political leadership, but doesn't get enough crews and support to fill all of these. Thus my opinion that mothballing part of the AB/Tico (I'd go for mothballing all Ticonderoga and specializing some AB in the coordination/ABM roles), freeing a lot of people for the remaining ships and then getting the rest on smaller frigates that would show the flag, provide ASW support, do some ABM, etc.

The notion of overkill is a very real one, and the US isn't going to solve these issues by shoving more money at it. It's either this or cut down the missions of the USN.

On the 32 mandatory course for the 4 years cursus at the US Naval Academy, only 4 (one per year) are about seamanship with only one practicum (with labs on simulators not on ships!) so whatever the cause, the officer at the end of the 4 years have no practical knowledge about real ship handling.
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