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Originally Posted by Macgregor the Hammer View Post
I am considering buying SH4. I am wondering what the overall opinion is about the game. I have read a bunch of reviews and from what I've read it sounds like it's really bug infested. Have the mods that are available made it more playable.

It's a wonderful simulation and rated by many as the best sub simulation ever. I've been playing it ever since it came out and it always seems fresh with new things discovered on almost every mission. I have the "Gold" edition which is essentially bug-free. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem possible to buy the product anymore. I have tried Ubisoft and Amazon but no luck.

Had a lot of trouble locating SH4 "Gold Edition" with the U-Boat addition (which also includes the v1.5 patch). Amazon did not have stock despite showing it and Ubisoft was no help either. I eventually discovered the following site:

1 - You'll need a prime account which is under $6 for 7 days. The actual downloads are free. Great value even for just one package. Takes just a few seconds to set up.

I hope this site is legal as regards copyright etc. There was no way to tell. My copy works perfectly.


Cpt. JH
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