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Continued from the above.
Please Note: Newer mods for the most part are at the top end of each list.

Interface/Visual mods

REL: Moon mod
[REL] Pacos German Folklore SubEmblems Mod
[Rel] New Intro Movie "The Battle of The Atlantic"
[REL] Pacos Struwwelpeter SubEmblems
[REL] AmuSmall V1.0
(REL) Authentic Officer Faces #2
(REL) Authentic U-Boat Officer Faces
[REL] OLC GUI for SH3 1.4b ("stock" SH3)
[REL]My 6-th introscreen

Sound Mods

44 Charlie and His Orchestra songs for DL
[REL]People's Shouts for SH3
Jimbuna's Grammaphone Assortment
[REL]Rare gramophone songs
[REL] Anzacmicks das boot sound immersion V2
"LIVE" SOUND for GWX 2.1. A sound atmosphere on a submarine.
[REL] Thomsen's Sound Pack V3.1
[REL] E. Topp musical secret!
Das Boot Sound Mod
SH3Speech Version 1.01
[REL]SH3Speech - Speech Recognition in English & German for SH3!
[REL] Improved Surfacing sound for rough seas.
[Rel] stock SH3 music for GWX2
[REL} Lutzhow Music Mod 4.0
30 rare grammaphone songs
[REL] UPDATE Command & Comat Audioevent Vol. 2.0
[REL] German Music Addons
[REL]Real DepthCharge SFX
[RELEASE] Hearing Impaired Mod for GWX 1.03
(REL) New am_harbour_Sound-MOD with many Backgroundnoises
[REL] Einbecker`s - Spirit of machines - Audioevent Vol 1.0

Ship-Air Mods

[REL] Silhouettes files for VonDos's ocean liners
[REL] New Unit - Improved T-2 Tanker
[REL] Playable S-Boot ( BETA )
[REL] Battleship WARSPITE RELEASED and ready for fight!
[REL]German_Harbor_Tug NHDS2302
[REL] AOTD_Maxs ships for GWX 2.1
[REL] New Unit : SS Normandie (after USS Lafayette) ocean liner
[REL]Lifeboats for SH3!(April 27,2008)
REL: 05.04.2008 ---- NKPMCS_Express-Mod ---- by trainer1942 and rowi58
[REL] NKMSS_WarMelody-Mod ---- by trainer1942 and rowi58
[REL] AI Schnellboot for GWX 2.0
[REL] New Units: Flakships and Fishing Boats
Some new Tboote, Minelayer/hunter
[REL] REX Italian Ocean Liner
[REL] New Mexico Battleship
[REL] USS Yorktown
[REL] Overworked DDG Hansa Freighter
[REL] Yamashiro
[REL] Troop Transport
[Rel] Japanese heavy cruiser Tone from Rowi58
[REL] Old Passenger Ship.
[REL] USS CA Northamton
[REL] New Unit-Empress of Britain (Ocean Liner)
[REL] Shipmod1 from Russia
[REL] Airmod3 from Russia
[REL] New Unit: Regia Marina AQUILA (Italian Aircraft Carrier)
[REL] New unit: Old Style Hospital Ship
[REL] Airmod2 from Russia
[REL] New Big German Liner TS Bremen
[REL] RMS Aquitania in both Cunard and Grey War colors

mods ( U-Boat Skins )

[REL] Alberich IX Skin
[REL] U-869 U-Who IXC Skin
[REL]U-1105 Black Panther Skin
[REL] IXC Blue Hunter Skin
[REL] Type IIA/B skins by Fubar & Graf
BF109E High Resolution Reskin
[Rel] Type II skin updated for GWX 2.1
Bismarck & Tirpitz Multiskin: Look at this beauty!!!
[REL] IXD2 Weathered Green Skin
U-Boot TEXTURAMA (Sub Skins)
[REL] Sub Skins
[REL] Type XXIII sub...
[REL] IXB Camo
[REL] 2 more skins for the IXD2
[REL] IXD2 Totenkopf Skin
[REL] IXD2 Charcoal
(REL) VIIC's for the Artic
[REL] IXD2 Camaleon M
[REL] Type 7 Rusty-Battle damage skin uploaded
[REL] IXD2 Dark Soul!!!
[REL] IXD2 Grey Camo
(REL) Koon's IXD2 Mottled grey
(REL) Miner's VIIC Red Hull
(REL) Koon's VIIC Mottled grey
[REL] Reworked terrain textures!
[REL] Another U-boat skin pack
[REL] IXD2 Atlantic Reaper
[rel] TypeXXI-1939-JSGME
[REL] Twisty-Periscope-Thingy-Mod
(REL) 2 Series 9 Subs
(REL) Koon's 9 series
(rel) Ixb U-106
New IXC Tigershark Skin!

Member Threads

WBs mod page
STEEDS U-Boat Skins
Serg's SH4 and SH3 pages
Wolfehunter's Shipyard of U-boat production
"VonDos & Co" shipyard! (big images!)
Racerboy's mod drive-thru

** If you see anything that may be out of place above, post and let us know and
we will do our best to fix it.
The first truly good subsim was Aces of the Deep. Then there was Silent Hunter III. Now Subsim presents: Wolfpack.
Good hunting and don't forget to close the hatch!

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