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Originally Posted by propbeanie View Post
Several issues may be rearing their ugly heads at you for what you are describing... First things first though, can you describe your computer and game setup?

1. What Operating System are you using? (such as Windows 7 or Windows 10??)
2. What version of game media do you have? (such as Steam download, or DVD disk??)
3. What folder do you have Silent Hunter installed in? (such as "C:\Program Files (x86)\ Ubisoft\..." or "C:\Games\ Ubisoft\..."??)
4. What mods are you attempting to activate? (such as TMO or OM??)
5. Are you using JSGME to activate that mod(s)?

It might be a partially activated mod, if you are in the Program Files folder. Let us know what you have...
Windows 7, DVD, D:\Silent Hunter, Soviet Farvater, OM with reworked campaign as addon, using JSGME only. It's mod, yes, but what files can do this bug? Becouse all files the same as in TMO, where clouds is ok. OM, as i remember, ok, but when i activate addon with the same files, exclude campaign files only, i get this (bug???). I deleted all textures files that may cause this bug, environment files are the same, so i can't understand what folder may be a reason, what files...
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