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Originally Posted by ikrananka View Post
Sorry about the length of the tutorials - there's just so much material to cover ! ! ! Keep that coffee coming and I hope you make it through them. VING INSTEAD! The next bunch will be much shorter.

Please pass on my eternal gratitude to your two uncles. Playing a game is one thing but living it in the real world is quite another. Have they spoken much to you about their experiences flying in B-17s?
Nope! The one, a teetotaler, is still sharp (pilot who still recalls the HP of a Pratt and Whitney engine) and we just moved him into a residence last week after his wife passed; the other is/was a raging alcoholic top-turret/engineer and has now outlasted all his siblings...amazingly, (as of a week ago!) My dad, a brilliant chem. engineer/mathematician, transferred from infantry beach-landing pillbox flamethrower-duty(HE NEVER SAW ANY OF HIS CLASSMATES AGAIN) to B-29's and B-26's and didn't talk much about it either. He was a Nav/engineer on short- 4 crew'd ferry-command crews all over the war: from Dakar to Newfoundland to Tinian; often in unreliable battle-fatigued aircraft! He bailed out three times...and had a great fondness for Dewer's Scotch. ("Pour U a snort?!") Thus: I'm here by dumb luck-he was not happy about me flying I took up long-haul sleeper team driving instead...and I'm here by even dumber luck!
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