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Originally Posted by dkerfoot View Post
This is a very welcome addition to the stable of sub sims. To me, it strikes a good balance between sim and arcade. I've played it on my Galaxy S3 and on my wife's Kindle Fire (older, non-HD model).

It should not be confused with a highly realistic full blown simulation that requires you to buy a new video card (and maybe a whole new computer). As a former submariner, I have never bought into the "immersion" idea anyway - no game smells like diesel, feels like steel or is nearly tedious enough to make me believe I was back at sea... For a phone game, Crash Dive has remarkable graphics, plenty of strategy and is you know, fun to play.

Crash Dive has the most important game-play elements and is by far the best submarine game available on a phone. Accept it for what it is and you'll get far more than $6.99 worth of entertainment from it.

I personally appreciate that the developers delivered a very playable game, yet have continued to tweak and improve it. I hope that this continues and will seriously consider buying any other games that Panic Ensues releases.
Well said, man

Originally Posted by Hinrich Schwab View Post
I just purchased this game today and I am actually quite impressed with it. Even with the "arcade style" features, Crash Dive is a very solid entry into Subsim library. Naturally, I would like to see more features that cater towards the grognards, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the game as-is. The escorts are aggressive and competent, if albeit attention-deficit due to the engine. The interface has a lot of polish and is quite responsive. The tutorial easily breaks in new players and grandfathers in the "Old Gang" at the same time. If I had any complaint it is the fact that the game is so good that I burn up the battery in my tablet playing. Actually, if I could change one thing, it would be replacing the Yorktown Class carrier with a Bogue Class Escort Carrier, which made more sense in the Atlantic. The fact that the one carrier I ran into was unescorted (C2s and Libertys do not count.) was rather amusing, given my experience with other sims.

The game is a job well done.

Time again to.....
be more aggressive...

That's high praise coming from an experienced Subsim player.
The first truly good subsim was Aces of the Deep. Then there was Silent Hunter III. Now Subsim presents: Wolfpack.
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