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Originally Posted by Ahnenerbe View Post
Hey there!
Thanks guys for the feedback! I made it for myself and so tried, and I hope you also come in handy. Maybe somewhere, and there are some bugs (one for all will not follow), but together can be corrected. Thanks for vanjast push, with the filing of his couture NYGM and I decided to rework the interface GWX. Yes, this GUI is designed for GWX and they supported, as was done on the basis of Conus' SH3GWX WS 2.3 1360x768. However, during the time of use GUI from Conus I have some files then reworked and renamed, so part of the image files from the original GWX will not work, and will show my (I did not change anything in the creation of the GUI, much time has passed and not just hard to remember that I am). But all that was renamed and remade me, everything is working correctly, your problems will not be.
To BigWalleye ..... At periscope observation I used a grid of fashion from vanjast, for the attack periscope and UZO made myself based on that found on other sites, in particular ruskoyazychnyh that were the many conversations on the optics of the German submarines. Compatible with GWX full, although much will be checked by tests, most importantly, that the main time-consuming and extensive work has already been done, to eliminate some bugs (if there are) is easier. Hours of Tycho I did not shifted, the position on the screen at a resolution of 1920x1080 abound, so there was no point them somewhere to hide, just fixed them in the right place and everything, and of course fitted a second hand look was much better. If you want to detach, it is easier to block menu_1024_768.ini G3F I322 in line Drag = false replaced by Drag = true.
fitzcarraldo, as well laugh laugh about the sextant. By the way, I look at you talking imposition Salvo.tga, so you also need to find a record with menu_1024_768.ini TDC1_2.tga and replaced by standard TDC1.tga, and my file from the TDC to remove.
In general, once again thank you all and well used, I hope, I spent my time is not wasted.
All the best and good hunting !!
P.S. I apologize for the online translation, but I think the point is made.
Thanks Ahnenerbe for the explanation. In my desperate use of your mod, I applied it on the last position of my huge list of mods (in GWX), and yes, it overwrites some files. In particular, I need to edit the en_menu file, modified by the Hsie. patch. I need to eliminate some GUI mods and reenable your mods and do more test. But, by now, all seems work fine. Also It needs some touches in the static.cfg file in SH3 Commander (if you use it).

And yes...I see the "60"....My mind wasn´t thinking in Real Navigation...

Best regards.


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