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Originally Posted by EAF274 Johan
Thank you Skybird and Magnum for your reviews. I have already bought the game, but usuallly I like to wait until after reviews appear, and then it's good to read diverse opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of the game.

I am quite happy with Steel Fury in its current form (after the unofficial patch). I think Steel Fury does a good job at simulating tank combat, thanks to the excellent terrain and the combination with AI infantry and artillery. I don't know much about armour penetration values etc, but it "feels" OK to me, and that's usually realistic enough for me . For me the realism of SF lies in the possibilities to use combined arms tactics and the feeling of "being there" when I see the infantry guys ducking for cover in their trenches.

One thing though that needed more attention in both reviews, I think, is the poor quality of the game manual. It's badly translated English, which can be very confusing, and it does not clarify some essential game functions.

Thanks for opinion on game.
We (developers of Steel fury) did not do the English version of game.
The legal owner did an English translation.
From news:
We update our site -
Including resources on game of "STEEL FURY:Kharkov1942"


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