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Originally Posted by Fidd View Post
I think a more accurate "sea-state" model, whereby in rough weather it becomes harder to maintain a specific periscope depth, and harder to take accurate sightings, has some useful gameplay impacts. I'm not sure that "making the navigators job harder" or otherwise making being helmsman a more difficult proposition really falls into that category on it's own.

Similarly, an arguably more worthy area for improved modelling of the U-boats handling, is in the vertical. Reading accounts of submarine warfare at the time, it was not unusual for a loss of control in the vertical to occur during a DC attack, leading to accidentally broaching the surface, or having to arrest a rapid unwanted dive. This seems to me to be a more useful area for improving the physics model, rather than keeping accurate headings; looking at it from a gameplay point of view?
While I agree with you that your other suggestions would be much more interesting game-play wise, there are other factors to consider as well. To me at least more challenging = more rewarding and more realistic = more immersive = more rewarding. To me currently the helmsman role (and many of the other roles) are quite boring in them selves, and the only thing that makes the helmsman position rewarding is being a part of the bigger crew. Having grown up with boats, having the vessels in the game move as if they were on rails just feels completely wrong, which detracts from the immersion of the game.

Also consider that I more or less "solved" the problem in a day. It seems to me that this would not be a very development time intensive feature to implent, so the return on investment might be quite good, even though the return it self might not be that great.
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