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Originally Posted by PurpleCow View Post
I purchased Crash Dive a while back and it has been great.
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Originally Posted by PurpleCow View Post
Do you find the memory limitations of iOS devices to be much of a hindrance? I know the CPU is pretty fast but I have always wondered why so few games like Crash Dive and Silent Service are produced. The iPad adoption rate seems very large but there must be a reason why games like CMANO, Cold Waters, and Dangerous Waters are not ported over.
While iPads have enough memory and horsepower to run a very good game, they don't have the limitless power of a desktop computer or modern console, so you have to be willing to put in the time to squeeze every drop of performance out of your assets and code.

But the real limiting factor is that you can't make an *iPad* game; if you actually want to reach a worthwhile-sized player base, your game has to run on the vast majority of mobile devices out there (including iPhones and the huge range of Android phones.

That said, I do find that, as a solo developer, I prefer making mobile games; the fact that you can do pretty much anything in a PC game means that you kind of have to do everything (because that's what PC players will expect). So developing PC games takes waaaay longer, because every little task requires so much polish and detail.

Thanks for your game ideas and suggestions, I appreciate it!
Scott Goffman
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