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Hi Eljammos When I play Wolfpack Setting up a Night Mission date 25th December 1941 Time 22:50 as the Mission starts i go on the Bridge search with the Uzo I see a Corvet on my 190-210 so i turn toward them from my base course of 300 i increase my speed to flank.
Then as i get closer and the rest of the convoy comes into view if theres a large enough gap between the lead side escort and the very front lead escort.
I point my bow between them when a get to 4500-5500 away from the Convoy i dive to periscope depth lower my speed to slow as i and the Convoy close on each other i set my speed to dead slow or may even stop if they are now heading traight for me or approaching at a 45 angle i get the speed of the Convoy from one of the ships ive identified then when they are at 2200-3500 meters away i fire all four bow tubes at different ships if i am inside the convoy even better i can fire my stern tube as well sometimes i will cross the wake of a nearby merchant to throw the escorts off.
Also i fire at the furthest ship first then then next furthest away ship and nearest one last so i might have a 2-3 minuet gap between eels so they all hit within 6-15 seconds confusing the escorts making them think theres more than one Uboat attacking the Convoy.

I use Gutted's Solution Solver Great piece of Kit Link Below
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