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US-UK One (4 star almost at bottom, Atlantic and Med map). Mica ARH AAM. Sent out 8 F-14's and 5 went down to the first missile. One survived the initial shot but went down to second. I sent them out due east off the us carrier. No banking or speed change although I had them set to high speed. But no banking or diving like standard game. In past they have for sure been at normal cruise and not sped up.

Pretty sure that previously the same has happened to S3 aircraft in the past also.

Also had the same happen in the mideast map (can't remember name) but it's the one where the enemy has a couple of airbases north of you and eneamy has F-14's and you also have a computer controlled allied force that launched fighters quick to head up north. Carrier is near the coast and there are two landing craft further south.
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