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Originally Posted by Onkel Neal View Post
I'm looking at WWI Aces sims, what's the preferred casual joystick these days?
I also have the HOTAS X, and am very happy with it. I've never really liked twist-sticks. The HOTAS X has a screw that locks down the stick so it doesn't twist, and you can use either pedals or the rocker switch on the back of the throttle. That's the route I took.

I bought a Thrustmaster 1600M for the extra buttons, but the buttons are all identical and I'm always pressing the wrong one. On top of that the throttle is small and hard to control, so I consider it money wasted. I'm currently looking at some twin-throttle setups.

Steve, I read in a thread you got a track hat, how does that work?
Unfortunately it doesn't. I've never been able to make it work properly. The most popular head tracker is the Track IR. People say they break a lot, but they seem to be easy to set up and actually use. On the other hand I didn't go with the actual hat, but rather the version that velcros onto the headset. When I have the money I plan to buy the hat and see if it works better.
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